Tracing Public Space

Tracing Public Spaces is a new methodology to study, create awareness and inspire future leaders, children, to take action to transform public spaces in high-density informal settlements. It proposes a multi scalar bottom-up analysis, with innovative tools of representation and design to address the challenges of community public spaces. The ‘Tracing Public Space’ method has been developed by Ana Vargas through fieldwork in India, Venezuela and the USA. The method is based in observation, representation and design using a ‘toolkit’ that enables a two-way learning process between the designer as an ‘outsider’ and children as ‘insiders’.

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Juan Moreno IV

Tracing the Map of El Calvario

Tracing Public Space: El Sabor Staircases

Tracing Public Space: El Calvario

Tracing Public Space: Juan Moreno III

Tracing Public Space: Valparaiso

Tracing Public Space: Juan Moreno II

Tracing Public Space Video

Tracing Public Space: Jamaica Plain

Tracing Public Space: Malwani

Tracing Public Space: Juan Moreno