Tracing the Map of El Calvario

El Hatillo December 17, 2016
Team: Ana Vargas, Jennifer Pacheco, Raquel Portillo, Ana Cristina Rodríguez, Eliana Ramírez, Gabriela Puppio

189 citizens were part of the Micro Program “Tracing the Map of El Calvario” in the framework of a cultural event known as “El Calvario a Puertas Abiertas”, which was held on December 17, 2016, which starts with the initiative of this Community to promote the many artists who are in this neighborhood.

The course of the event departed from El Calvario Chapel where there was a workstation with the team of Tracing Public Space, there was delivered a craft sheet with the map of the neighborhood and a color marker.

The challenge was for visitors to observe and identify places with tourist potential along the route, and then tell us their experience. In this way, participants of all ages individually or in family returned with lots of energy, full of anecdotes and eager to comment on their favorite places. Then they left their contribution by filling in the comment card and identifying these places in a large fabric with thread and needle.

It is important to mention the participation of the 7 children and two teachers that one week before the event helped to draw the map of their community in this huge fabric.

The activity was very successful, it taught us that all people, from the smallest to the largest have very good ideas to improve the space they inhabit.

Tracing the Map of El Calvario, left a great contribution for the future tourism development and show us the potential spaces of this neighborhood. The use of the map in conjunction with the activity of observing is an educational tool that helps to see in a different way the citizen space.


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