Metropolitan Park for Santiago

Santiago, Chile August 2016
Team: Agustina González Cid, Diego Ignacio Pinochet Puentes y Ana Cristina Vargas. Colaboradores: Ana Cristina Rodriguez, Josbel Chacón, Agustin Ramonda, Andrés Bertoni, Constanza Marchisio y Lichi Fernández

This project was developed for the Santiago Emergent Ecologies competition and received an honorary award.

Communia is conceived as an ecological metropolitan park in the suburbs of Santiago, in the south west of the Maipú commune. Visitors can recreate themselves, do some exercise, buy some food or even share a community lot where they can grow local products. This park represents, a new way of living in rurality, with an eco-neighborhood where dwells and productive lots exist at the same time.

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